February 28, 2008

Babies, babies everywhere

I think something is in the water because I have done so many baby shower invites in the last few months - it's crazy.

Val is my aerobics instructor and I see her about 5 times a week. When she asked me to do her daughter-in-law's baby shower invites I was so excited. Her daughter-in-law and son, Casey and Rick, live in New York and she wanted to surprise them with custom baby shower invites. Val told me that Casey was born to plan. She is a very modern and detailed person so the challenge was on.
They know that the baby is a girl so we started with a couple different shades of pink and added some yellow to brighten it up. The bottom of the invite was designed with a stripe pattern and I adorned the top with bow of satin and sheer pink ribbon with a diaper pin going through it. I even wrote a custom riddle to go along with the diaper pin theme. The main invite was printed onto white metallic cardstock to add an extra girlie sparkle. The envelope was printed using the same strip pattern to pull the invite together. 

When I saw Val after she sent them out - I was excited to hear that Casey LOVED them!!!