April 09, 2008

Brad and Erica's Cool Colors

I met with Brad and Erica back in January. I did Erica's sister's wedding invitations last year so we had to do something completely different. They came to me with awesome colors! Fuchsia, orange and white - put all together, they look so pretty. They wanted to incorporate as much color without breaking the bank. They fell in love with the folded card look so we started with a metallic folded white card and accented the main invite with metallic fuchsia and orange. The main invite itself was printed on a matte white paper. The band is made with orange metallic paper with a satin fuchsia ribbon running through the middle. They choose to not use a reception card to cut costs since there ceremony and reception were at the same site. I designed a monogram for them to use on the front of their invite and it uses the fuchsia as well to coordinate everything together.  Another option that Brad and Erica choose to save money was to assemble the invites themselves. This saves money and is fun for those who have crafty friends and family who are willing to help. The one thing I loved about working with them is that they really worked together on this invite. I got emails from both of Erica and Brad throughout the process, which was really fun.

Kristine and Charles

I met with Kristine and Charles and 5 minutes later I was laughing. They are a great couple and Charles has a interesting vocabulary to describe his happiness. When we first met, they fell in love with a folded card invitation. Kristine said they had already research pocketfolds, but they were out of her budget. I convinced her to let me quote out both styles so she can see the difference in price.  Their colors started off being Bronze and a nice medium blue. Well 24 hours later she emailed me and said Charles (her fiance) fell in love with Bronze and Fuchsia. That's my kind of guy! So we redid all the paper work and in the end Kristine got her pocketfolds that she wanted - in her budget. They provided a monogram to start and I molded it a bit better to fit the invite. They decided to use alternating paper colors for their insert cards. Put all together, it was a stunning piece. They went over so well, Kristine just emailed me and needs 20 more!

April 08, 2008

Marcy's Kentucky Derby Shower

I met with Marcy for wedding invitations, it seems years ago.  Since she lives in Kentucky she was able to meet during the holidays when she was home. Her mom joined us on her initial consultation. After speaking about all the ideas about wedding invitations, Marcy's mom, Carol, emailed me and wanted to speak about shower items for Marcy's shower. She was so much fun to work with - she has great taste and great planning skills. 

Marcy and Derek are big Kentucky Derby fans. So Carol choose that as a theme. After that the creative juices were flowing. Carol decided that she wanted to ask all the women invited wear a hat in the spirit of the Kentucky Derby. With that decided, the graphic for the invite was born. We used colors that are similar to Marcy's wedding colors, purple, and used the hat graphic on almost everything so it all coordinated well. We did a matching Thank You Card and Favor Tag that will be attached to little Derby chocolates. 

Carol kept the shower theme as a surprise from Marcy until she mailed an invitation to her. The next day I got an email from Marcy and Carol. Marcy loved them and Carol said the women she invited were just raving about them. Thanks Carol for being open to my ideas - you were a lot of fun! 

Lots of posts to come soon!

I've been very busy lately and I've got tons of pictures to post soon! So come back soon to see what I've been up to. 

A Present to me!

Happy early Spring to me! After months of going back and forth, I just ordered a brand new MacBook Pro. I'm so excited to start using it! I spend so much time on the computer every day, I can't imagine spending more. But with this new toy, I just might have to. :)