April 09, 2008

Kristine and Charles

I met with Kristine and Charles and 5 minutes later I was laughing. They are a great couple and Charles has a interesting vocabulary to describe his happiness. When we first met, they fell in love with a folded card invitation. Kristine said they had already research pocketfolds, but they were out of her budget. I convinced her to let me quote out both styles so she can see the difference in price.  Their colors started off being Bronze and a nice medium blue. Well 24 hours later she emailed me and said Charles (her fiance) fell in love with Bronze and Fuchsia. That's my kind of guy! So we redid all the paper work and in the end Kristine got her pocketfolds that she wanted - in her budget. They provided a monogram to start and I molded it a bit better to fit the invite. They decided to use alternating paper colors for their insert cards. Put all together, it was a stunning piece. They went over so well, Kristine just emailed me and needs 20 more!