April 08, 2008

Marcy's Kentucky Derby Shower

I met with Marcy for wedding invitations, it seems years ago.  Since she lives in Kentucky she was able to meet during the holidays when she was home. Her mom joined us on her initial consultation. After speaking about all the ideas about wedding invitations, Marcy's mom, Carol, emailed me and wanted to speak about shower items for Marcy's shower. She was so much fun to work with - she has great taste and great planning skills. 

Marcy and Derek are big Kentucky Derby fans. So Carol choose that as a theme. After that the creative juices were flowing. Carol decided that she wanted to ask all the women invited wear a hat in the spirit of the Kentucky Derby. With that decided, the graphic for the invite was born. We used colors that are similar to Marcy's wedding colors, purple, and used the hat graphic on almost everything so it all coordinated well. We did a matching Thank You Card and Favor Tag that will be attached to little Derby chocolates. 

Carol kept the shower theme as a surprise from Marcy until she mailed an invitation to her. The next day I got an email from Marcy and Carol. Marcy loved them and Carol said the women she invited were just raving about them. Thanks Carol for being open to my ideas - you were a lot of fun!